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1.10.07 Lapa Rios Ecolodge hotel owners in Costa Rica have thought up to use pork manure as a source of environmentally friendly energy. Biogas, received after manure remaking, which basically contains methane, is used for heating and cooking.
The hotel utilizes up to 80 percent of food waste from its kitchen. The part from them is used for compost reception, and remained is send to hotel's pig farm and is fed to pigs.
However, pork manure is not the most exotic material for reception of energy. For example, American Larry Weingarten has invented for his house in California system of heating using mix of vodka and water, and designers from USA Matthew Coates and Tim Meldrum have developed idea of a building which receives the necessary electric power, using spinach

21.09.07 Big weight threatens safety of planes, in fact air passengers' fatness this is not only the reason of narrowness in passenger compartment. Thick passengers also threaten safety of flights, Scandinavian airline SAS warns. Specifications of safety are calculated proceeding from the out-of-date norms, and in fact officials of aviation branch are guided by them.
European bodies which are responsible for safety of flights, ten years ago have defined average weight of a male passenger together with his outer clothing and hand luggage in 88 kg, and a woman should weigh 70 kg. However the control weighings lead by SAS, have shown, that on the average passengers weigh in 3 kg more. As a result the weight of the filled plane appears above calculated. It is reflected in consumption of fuel, length of the starting distance and braking of the plane, and also on stability of the machine during flight, emphasizes SAS.

Holiday Inn hotel 9.09.07 The Holiday Inn hotels network is measured to enclose into modernization and rebranding billion dollars. The world famous green trade mark for the first time for half a century will be changed. InterContinental Hotels Group Plc operator which has bought Holiday Inn in 1998, will spend for this 61 million dollars.
The first reequipped hotel, predictably, will be open in USA in 2008. Completely modernization of a network is planned to be finished by 2010. In opinion of InterContinental leadership, renovation will allow to raise essentially incomes of owners.
The program anticipates improvement of quality of service and updating of internal design of premises. Thus the new trade mark will unite all hotels of the network: actually Holiday Inn, and also Express by Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express.
For the information: Network Holiday Inn has been founded in Tennessee in 1952. Now it numbers 3800 hotels in hundred countries of the world.

Egypt 6.08.07 I read interesting information: In Egypt the archaeologists found ancient burial place . Moreover this is probably one of the oldest burial place of know for today ones - specialists say it is more than four and a half thousand years. The trick is that some 2 thousand years ago a kind of face-lift has been carried out there. The ornament pattern on the walls and other decoration were brought to conformity with canons of that age.
Egyptologists say that practical and vainglorious representatives of aristocracy then simply prepared for themselves the desolate ancient burial-vaults.

Poland 1.08.07 Poland enjoys unusual situations with road policemen starring. This happens to those who drives cars with non-European number plate. Policemen in the car with no identification marks follow behind such selected car and in everyway urge it on. The driver-victim cannot bear it for long and drives faster than it is allowed on this segment of road. Here the official police car overruns this car, stop it and show the clip with this speed exceeding. Further the penalty is levied. The policemen are so inventive!

Paris 27.07.07 Daily crowds of tourists arrive to Paris. France has very strict customs rules.
For example, no person under 17 can transport tobacco goods and alcohol drinks. A journalist from Bangkok, upon returning home told that on request of his French friends he brought them several kinds of medicals, made of snake poisons. Custom officers in the Paris Airport have not even checked him!

Germany 11.07.07 Germany:
Some highways and roads of federal scale for both directions the movement of big cargo transport is prohibited on Saturdays from 1st of July 2007 until 31st of August 2007, from 7.00 until 20.00. If you think it is made to ease of traffic for tourists, read carefully on Saturdays.

Mexico Coast 03.07.07 Two men pretended to be tourists and hi-jacked the helicopter in Mexico. They flew with the pilot to the most remote region of the country and there threatening pilot with the weapon threw out the pilot from the machine. The hijackers excaped and the helicopter was never found.

Saint-Petersburg 02.07.07 In Saint-Petersburg the divers will pick up from the bootom of the Neva river the watches of $ 200 000, lost by one of the tourists of this city.

Australia 25.06.07 In Australia, at the foot of a legendary red rock Uluru, aborigine threaten to stop the access to this rock for tourists.
Every year about 500 000 tourists come to this rock.
Aborigines obejct against interference of the governement in their life- and Read more...


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